Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Renesmee Revised

So I changed a few things in photoshop like her eye color and made her hair a little more bronze. What do you think? Nessie or no? (Click on the makes it a little easier to see the detail..)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Is it just me, or does the first pic of Lily below kind of look like what Renesmee would look like? I think she looks half vampire in it. :-) She just needs some bronze colored, ringlet hair extensions! What color were her eyes? I could change that in photoshop...!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Props to my Dad....

For taking these beautiful pictures of Lily while I was at work! He's been obsessing about the white balance, and getting the color and light just perfect, and I think he's pretty close. I love this girl so much, she makes me smile and laugh everyday! it even possible I can love another baby just as much? I think I might explode with love if that's the case!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking Dawn Midnight Party!

Have you gotten the book yet? Wow! It's pretty crazy already, and I'm only on like page 200! Well, friday night my long time friend and fellow "twilighter",Britney, convinced me to go to the midnight release of "Breaking Dawn" at Border's Books. So, at around 10:30pm, Britney, My sister-in-law Kerry, Britney's sister-in-law Katie and Brit's husband Jaren, along with two little night owls, Lily and her cousin Meg, jumped in the car and went to the party! It was funny to see how everyone was so into it, dressed up as characters from the book, and anxiously awaiting the books arrival. There was a costume contest, and a raffle to be the first, second and third people in line to get books at 12:01am. We didn't dress up, but we did enter the raffle of course, and since Lily and Meg are such fans of the book, they entered too! :-) We had fun hanging out at the bookstore, and considering that most 2-year-olds are asleep at 10:30pm, we had the whole kid's section to ourselves! They gave out vampire fangs, and Edward and Bella stickers. It was quite an event!

They announced over the intercom about a half hour before the release that Kerry Hogle was the winner to be the 2nd person in line to get the book! We were laughing and excited especially since there was a least 100+ people there and we hadn't reserved a copy previously. We ran up to the front just as they were gonna pull another ticket for the second place in line, since we weren't up in the front waiting for the winners. But, as we said "she's here!" the whole crowd sighed. Haha! Then, they pulled the next ticket, and the lucky winner for the third place in line was none other than Meg Hogle!....Kerry's 2-year-old daughter. Even funnier! Our entire gang made our way up the front of the line and waited for the magical moment! There wasn't a limit on how many books you could buy, so Kerry and "Meg" bought 2 books each, and we were out of there in no time! It couldn't have been better. Here's the count down to the book was very secure.
Three pregnant girls, Britney and Jaren and two 2-year-olds happy to have our books and be on our way!!