Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Book Review #9: Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

Well, This hasn't happened in a while! This book gets a big BOO!! The premise seems promising, but turned out to be a dud, and so very disappointing!! It's only less than 300 pages, and I finished it in one day while I was at work...not because it was a page turner and I couldn't put it down, but because it didnt require any thought while reading. I felt like I was just watching a really boring movie! It had some interesting points, but the author left a million holes in her ideas. I had so many questions when I finished, and I doubt there will be a sequel. Oh well! My rating....D+

Thursday, October 18, 2007

"I need my Jamie!!!"

....These are the famous words of my not even 2-year-old daughter last night! Do your kids call you by name?!? So here's what happened: Jake and I were putting Lily to bed last night, and the last few nights have been a struggle! I said "Lily, it's time to go to bed"...and she ran over to my door, shut it, and stood infront of it like that was gonna stop me from putting her in bed. So, I tucked her in, kissed her, after we had read at least 4 book of course.... the usual bedtime routine, and went back to my room...shutting both doors! She cried hysterically for a while, so Jake and I just turned up the volume on the tv a little louder. :-) I have a little baby tv monitor on my nightstand so I can see her in her crib. She was standing, crying....and then......"I thought, did I hear that right?"...."Jake, mute the tv....". Sure enough, clear as can be, " Jamie! Jamie! Jamie! Jamie! Get back here! Jamie! I'm stuck in here!!!!" Jake and I just looked at each other and giggled. After about 10 mins of her yelling that in a pretty methodical chant, Jake went to check on her and try to calm her down. I could see him singing, and faintly from the next room hear him singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider", which she did NOT like, and screamed at the top of her lungs until he stopped! He came back in to our room defeated, and said, "will you please go calm her down!? All she keeps saying is I need my Jamie!!" Awww! So I went in, rocked her in the rocking chair, and she was out in literally 2 mintues. What can I say!....She really needs her Jamie! ;-)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Soulja Boy+Sponge Bob

Ok, while I dont actually like this song, I was looking it up to show my family how Lily sings along with this song in the car when it comes on the radio, and found this on youtube! It's pretty funny!Ps.....You're gonna want to turn off the music before you play this!

Friday, October 12, 2007

More Lily....

I was instructed by my dad that I needed to post more pictures of Lily that he'd taken, since the other ones make her look like "trailer trash"! So, since I am such an obediant daughter, here are some more! :-)

Book Review # 8: The Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card

This book was more up my alley than "Ender's Game", considering it's about magic, and people that are born with special abilities or "knacks" as they are called in the book, but, I think that I enjoyed "Ender" more. Don't get me wrong, I really did like this one, and I'm excited about reading the rest of the series, but I felt like I connected
more with Ender than Alvin, whom this book is about. I do recommend this one though! It's written well, as all Orson Scott Card books are, and it's really very interesting! I was wishing that I had a special power....maybe I do!! :-) My rating....A B+!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Grandpa and Lily forever!

My Dad loves any grandpa would. But, You've never seen anything like this, it's really quite precious! She is his best little pal! He cant get enough! He takes her on little journey's...mostly to the Harley store and the Guitar Center... Anyways, Everytime he watches her, there are new "photoshoots" he's done of her, so I thought I'd post them...some of them are pretty dang cute, minus her post naptime hair-do! The title above is their motto...he even has her say it! :-)

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I admit it! I am a massage-a-holic. I am so anxiety prone, its ridiculous. About every six weeks I realize I'm not sleeping well, and feel so wound-up and stressed that I guess the only way my body knows how to relieve it is a major, knock down, drag out, full fledged panic attack! I've found that if I stay on top of not getting stressed by getting a massage, I function better as a normal person! :-) The reason I am posting this is to find a good massuse in Vegas! I have gotten a ton from different people in town, and the ones I have loved the most are out of state! So, I would like some input on a good place to go. This is the criteria: It needs to be a classy, relaxing other words, the "feng shui" must be good, and no fake ivy on the wall...haha! And it needs to be affordable, and also I like deep tissue, to the point that it almost hurts! K, if anyone has any good ideas, feel free to help out. Also, if you are a massuse or know one that would like to trade haircuts or permanent make-up for massage, that works too! Below is a list of Spas I've gone to this year, and here is my critique on them if you are looking for a place to go....

1. Spa Gaucin, St. Regis Hotel, Oceanside, Ca.- Overly expensive, and their signature stone massage is good, but a little too relaxing..not enough deep tissue. But! Their atmosphere and service was amazing! It was beautiful!

2. Dolce Spa, Mesa, Az.- It's a hip, nice salon/spa, and affordable! The massuse I had there, Jenna, was awesome! This might be the best massage expericence I've ever had!

3. Spa at The Four Seasons, Las Vegas, Nv.- Too expensive, and you feel like you should wear a formal just walking in! The front desk people are snobby, and unaccomadating, but, their sitting room and sauna is nice, better than everything else!

4. Angel's Touch, Las Vegas, Nv.- Tacky! This is what I mean when I say no fake ivy for decoration on the walls! The massuse massaged like a dead fish! It wasnt worth it at all!

5. Baby Bear Massage, Waterton, Alberta, Canada- I like this place because its only big enough for one massues in the whole place. It's the same lady every year, and I like her because she's slightly strange, and is actually a mid-wife/nurse, and does a really good job!

6. Bliss Spa, The W Hotel, Los Angeles, Ca.- This place is so cool, and swanky! The massues I had did such a good job that I slept in a dead sleep for 2 weeks after!

7. Spa at Lakeside, Las Vegas, Nv.- The inside is a little tacky like Angel's Touch, not as bad though, but it's so affordable it's totally worth it to go! The Massuse April did a really good job in the short amount of time she had.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Permanent Make-Up By ME!

Ok, considering this is my blog, I feel that I reserve the right to self-advertize! :-) So, I thought I'd let those of you who didnt know that I did permanent make-up in on the excitement! I've been doing it for 8 years now, and am working at True Dentistry here in Vegas. I do Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips: Liner and full. Let me give you a quick overview....For those of you who hate their brows because they are too light, sparse, or are sick of penciling them in, this is for you!! Also, if you hate the shape and want something to help define your eyes, or even want something dramatic, this is also right up your alley. For eyeliner, it's perfect for those who are allergic to different kinds of make-up or if your eyes water a lot, and are tired of it running down your face. Or, if you dont usually wear liner, but want something to make those eyes stand out, the lash line is very popular! Lastly, Lips. If you have no shape, no natural color and would love to just wear gloss, and never worry about applying lipstick and liner, or want something natural looking and's completely achievable! For the one question I know your're all thinking..."Does it hurt?"...I have numbing creams, and for lips novacaine that the wonderful Dr. Joe Willardsen can give you!! If you are interested, leave me a comment, or email me at and I can give you even more details. Below are my most recent eyebrows I've done. This client's are still in the process of healing and when they are all finished, we will wax, and trim them and you can see the final, and beautiful product!