Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend in Baja Mexico

We had a really fun, and relaxing getaway this past weekend! I'm depressed that I'm doing this post from Vegas instead of Mexico, in fact. I think I could stay there all year long. My in-laws bought a house just south of Rosarito and north of Ensenada. It's right along a cliff over looking the beach. This kids had fun getting up in the morning and walking along the beach looking for sand dollars, and going over to the tide pools and finding crabs and starfish! I had fun just relaxing and eating at Tacos El Yaqui. This Taco joint in Rosarito is amazing, and I'm in love with their guacamole! Oh, cravings. We had a little car problem on sunday in the car we were supposed to drive back on monday, which extended our vacation another day until we could get it fixed, and NOBODY had a problem with that! :-) We all kept fighting to stay. The weather was great, breezy and warm, and it was nice to just hang out. I cannot wait to go back!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A little light at the end of the tunnel...

I'm just about 16 weeks pregnant now, and I just barely starting to feel a little better! So, in celebration of these events, I felt I should change our blog background to feel a little more happy! There's nothing better than not throwing up multiple times a day, and I should add that I haven't even been taking that much Zofran (The strongest anti-nausea and vomiting medicine they can give you while you're pregnant, and what they give cancer patients......and even that didn't work all the time!) I do have my bad moments still, but the improvement is worth mentioning! I've even started caring about my appearance a little more, I'm sure everyone is happy about that! :-)