Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crazy Legs!

Let me first say that This title has two meanings. First, Lily had a good time making my legs "pretty" While I was talking on the phone last night! She decorated me with markers I didn't know I had...(I'm still unsure where she found them...) and Dora stickers! I tried to shoo her away when I saw her coming with them, but after a while she convinced me that my legs needed some special attention, and went to work! Washable marker is harder to get off then one would imagine! It took quite a bit of exfoliation. Now, since my legs are very colorful in these pics, it's hard to see the giant bruises on my knees. Here's the second reason for the crazy legs title!...This is a story that's too embarrassing not to share. Okay, I was leaving my salon while holding my keys and a drink. I bravely stepped off the sidewalk to get to my car, and apparently there must of been an earthquake or something because I completely tripped and belly flopped into the street! But not before crashing into someones car and setting off the alarm! My keys and lemonade went flying, and I laid in the street trying to figure out if I killed the baby or not. I'm pretty sure I caught most of the fall on my knee caps because I have some nice battle wounds to show for it! (The baby is still kicking and I heard the heartbeat the other day so I know she's fine :-)...) The only other person who saw me fall was another pregnant girl...she ran over and made she I was alright.) Then, the persons car alarm I set off came out of the nail salon next door, gave me the dirtiest look known to mankind, turned it off, and walked back inside! After I made it to my car, I laughed. It must have looked hilarious. Jake is convinced that I tripped because I couldn't see my belly isn't THAT big yet!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cousins Photoshoot!

We took some really fun pics last Saturday! My sister-in-law Kerry took some cute ones can check hers out by clicking HERE. It's hard work chasing 3 2-year-olds around!! These three are cousins. Lily is the oldest by five months, and then Meg who is the midget of the three, and then Layla who is 9 months younger than Lily, but never the less a giant! They all love each other. I wish I had cousins my age! I'd tell you where we did it, but then I wouldn't get you to ask me to take your pics. :-) If you're interested, let me know! There are a plethora of cool different colored walls in this secret place too!

The 3 of them!


A few randoms...



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

'08 Canada Trip!

Our first morning in Canada! It was about 11am when the ice cream party went down. Who wouldn't want chocolate ice cream then? :-) Lily was obviously liking it...! We had a really fun time hanging out in Canada this year. The weather was amazing, and it was nice to be out of the sweltering heat for a week. The cousins had fun playing, beating each other up, playing on the playground, going on bike rides, etc. For those who don't know, we go to Canada every summer. Waterton, Alberta, Canada to be exact. Jake's family has a beautiful cabin there. I'm not really that outdoorsy, but I enjoy it a lot besides the hikes. Honestly, I could do without those. :-) So, the next few posts are blurbs from our trip. Why can't it be 75 degrees in Vegas in the summer?

The perfect breakfast!...My mom would agree!

Cousin dog pile!

A stroll to Cameron Falls

Jake, Lily and I took a walk down to Cameron Falls which is literally about 50 feet away from the cabin. It was a pretty warm day, and considering that I'm always feeling like its 15 degrees hotter than it actually is lately, sitting by the waterfall seemed like a dandy idea! Plus, the falls are huge this year! They had record snow and so the run off is making it giant, and creates a lot of cooling mist in the area...perfect for me! Anyway, this a brief summary if that half hour.

Born Bandleader!

This pic doesn't even really need an explanation...

She peed her pants. Oops! She didn't want to walk home like that.

How embarrassing would this be if she understood?!

Apparently there is no other way to hold a kid with peed pants!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A little boat ride...

So, on this day we thought we'd take a leisurely, and lovely boat ride across the lake and have a little burger bbq on a beach somewhere. It started it great! The weather was nice, and we found an area with a little dock, and the kids enjoyed running around on the beach half naked! Who wouldn't love that?:-) Things were good until we realized that the little bbq we brought was a propane bbq, and we brought charcoal! Jake and Aaron, being the eagle scouts that they are, built a fire and make the most amazing burgers you've ever had! We call them "hurricane burgers" because as soon as we started eating, huge black clouds blow right into our path along with gale force winds and rain! It was great!! And very memorable!

Grace and Em

I am completely and utterly in love with this girl!!

That about sums up Gracie!

"Meg, where's your butt?"

We had some nice little rocks in the "nether regions" for the next fews days after this! :-)