Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a great Christmas! Lots of family and friends. We spent Christmas Eve with Jake's family at their traditional family party, and then spent the night at my parents house. Santa over did it for Lily despite her coloring on the walls at home with blue marker a few days before. He must really like her...! Lily was a little timid Christmas morning, but soon got into it and she was hard to stop! Betsy was just happy sucking on her Binky. After the "first" Christmas morning, we headed back to Jake's parents house, and did it all over again! Hope you all had a Merry one!

2 of my favorite gifts!

Look how excited Jaci gets on Christmas morning!

Dr. Lily! She's been saying she wants to be a Doctor when she grows up! Santa knows everything!...

Jessica and Eric's Cat Slash literally couldn't keep his paws off the tree and presents!

Lily said her favorite present was her rollerskates from Grandma and Grandpa

Sugar Plum Fairies! (AKA Meg and Lily)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hell froze over.

I'm probably the millionth person to blog about the Vegas snow, but I bet there aren't any pictures of it as cool as mine! :-) My sister in Law, Karly, MADE me do it....I was driving the car though, so I guess I was pretty willing. It took forever to get to the sign because everyone in Vegas was driving slow because of the snow, and I almost gave up. But Karl stayed focused and kept her eye on the prize, and it was worth it! Don't be jealous....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Humor--(from Lily)

Who knew Target was so culturally diverse that they make Hanukkah dog toys for even the Jewish dog? So, Lily and I were walking around the store and came upon the above toy. She grabbed it and looked at it a little confused and then said,'What is this? A Dinosaur foot?" I laughed so hard I had to stop pushing the cart. It was obvious from my reaction that her assumption was wrong, so then she said, " Oh, I think it's a brush."--that made me laugh harder. I mean, where would she have seen a Menorah before? I love that her little brain put that together. I still can't stop giggling. I had to take a pic with my phone so that the story would make sense. It just struck me so funny! But maybe it's just me, because Jake didn't find it so hilarious!...
(Ps....It's a stuffed Menorah dog toy, incase you couldn't make it out.)