Thursday, September 24, 2009

High speed stroller action

We were in Vegas last weekend to see family and so I could work a little. Saturday, I was outside cutting my Mom's hair and came back in the house to witness this! Yes, that's a doll stroller, and Betsy bent the metal! Haha. I actually considered taking it with me for when we go places--make Lily do all the work. How great would that be? :-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Beginning...

I'll admit, I've been neglecting our blog for the past 2 months. But give me a break! We just moved! There is so much I've skipped that I'm not even gonna try to back track, I'm just going to give a brief update and move on from there. So, We have successfully moved to Southern California. Jake has been in Law school for over a month now and has survived. Lily has started Preschool, Dance and gymnastics, all the with her cousin Meg, and loves it all. Betsy is a crawling maniac and is the definition of a Dyson. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. And the teething...Ah! I'm busy being a Mom and keeping things in order. I think sometimes that having a jail sentence wouldn't be that bad. :-) We had a busy summer: Hawaii, Canada, packing, moving, unpacking, etc., and we are ready to slow down a bit....hopefully. We really are enjoying it here so far, and have even discussed staying when Jake is done with school. It's fun have Kerry and Nate and all the cousin just down the street, and Disneyland and the beach near too. Here are some pics of Betsy with my Great-Aunt's walker from our trip to Santa Barbara a few weekends ago, and Lily's first day of school...tears and all!