Monday, June 29, 2009

My little hula girls

I took these in Hawaii, obviously. Looking at them gives me pangs of homesickness! I miss it. To see more, go to my new photo blog:

Photo Blog

I started a photo blog! I know, everyone is a photographer these days. I'm not claiming to be a pro, but I do take a lot of pictures, and I wanted a place to display them. Also the Announcements and invites I do. Come take a look! (and only say nice things....)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Betsy and the Piercing Pagoda

Sorta sounds like a adventure novel! Anyway, Betsy has reached the age of becoming a lady. It was definitely time to pierce those cute little earlobes. I find little girl babies with pierced ears so cute and feminine. If you are contemplating doing it, just do it. We went down to the Meadows ("Ghetto") mall and stopped at the Piercing Pagoda for some "fun". Britney and Jaren Jensen brought Clara along for some torture too! (I'll let her blog about that.) I know it may look like child abuse from the pictures, but honestly, she was only crying while Jake was holding her head still and stopped the second it was all over. Glad it's done.                                                                                     

                                                                                          So unsuspecting...


                                                                                    ...Like it never happened!

                                                                                                         So "Studly"

Lone Mountain

Lone Mountain is a smaller mountain near our house in Vegas. One day, Jake decided to take the kids, including the dog, on a little hike! I didn't even know he took the camera until the other day I was uploading some pics to the computer and found these. It made me laugh really hard, and I thought I'd share them.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Sea Life Park

A few days before we left the island for good, we visited the Sea Life Park. We had told Lily that it was like Sea World, only smaller. She just HAD to go, and wouldn't stop talking about it. It's a fun place for kids, and one of the nice things about it is it's small and personal, and you get an up close look  at all the animals. Plus, they house the one and only "Wholphin" in the whole word. (Yes, it's a dolphin and a Whale mixed, but it really just looks like a giant dolphin with a little bit of killer whale in it.) Jake and Lily paid to feed the Sea Lions, but then Lily got a little stage fright when it came to touching the little dead fish to feed them. She was NOT having it! We really enjoyed ourselves though and we thought it was very worth it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Honolulu Aquarium

The Honolulu Aquarium is a nice little place to visit in Waikiki. It's pretty small, but fun and worth the trip, especially since it's only like $8 or something like that. They have a Sea Dragon which was really amazing and hard to explain. The pic I posted of it doesn't do it justice!

When Eric and Jessica came to visit...

We did a ton of fun stuff--
                                                    Like eating at Ted's Bakery. (FYI--I could eat mountains of chocolate Haupia pie and 
                                                    Melona bars)...

                                                                 And we walked to the point...

                                                   And we snorkeled at Sharks Cove....


                                                 And We went to the Dharma village from LOST....

                                               And hiked in the Jungle.

First broken bone!

Yes, it's true! Poor little Lilers broke her collar bone! We went to a skate park one night up on the northshore. Some friends of ours bring a generator and big lights to skate at night, since it's not lit up. A bunch of guys were skating in the bowls which look like big empty swimming pools. While Jake was busy skating and I was taking pictures of him, and the others, Lily was hanging out with Aunt Karly, Carrie, Joel and Valerie, and accidentally slipped and fell into the only one that didn't have lights! I'm not sure exactly how she landed, but she was crying pretty good. I think mostly scared! I was worried that she might have a concussion, so we took her to the ER. She started complaining that her shoulder hurt, so when we got there they x-rayed her and and sure enough she had an obvious break in that cute little clavicle. I wish I would have gotten the x-ray because it was so cute to see that tiny little skeleton! Our service at the Kahuku hospital wasn't exactly topnotch, as you can tell from the pics the nice peeling paint on the walls! Our "Doctor" looked a lot like Jabba the Hut in a Aloha shirt, messy gray hair and googly eyes. I got into a little tiff with him on is competency level, and left early. Good thing I have an awesome pediatrician in Vegas...(Check out the ode to Doctor Conti below!) It's been about a month since the incident, and Lily is doing fine. They don't do much for broken collarbones, so she has just been careful not to bump it. She hasn't even mentioned it for like a week. 
                                                                My poor baby!!

                                                                Finally some sleep!

                                                               All the chaos didn't bother Betsy much.

Ode to Dr. Ralph Conti

I truly love him! He is the best Pediatrician in Vegas. Possibly ever! While we were in Hawaii we had a few medical issues, for instance, the broken bone, and he was so willing in help, even in the middle of the night! He makes sure you have his cell and pager number and to call him if there is ever a problem. I would have been a wreck if he hadn't been so helpful during this whole ordeal. He diagnosed the problem from the very vague description I gave him, even before the "Doctor" in Hawaii saw her. I have gone to him with a very wide variety of problems and concerns, mostly me being me and freaking out, and he is always there in calm me down. He's hilarious, and happy and always whistling and seems like he's never been happier to see you! If you are looking for a wonderful pediatrician, check him out. He has offices all over the valley. Thanks Dr. Conti!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Food, Family, Friends and Mosquito Bites!

We made tin foil dinners on the beach one Sunday night. If you've never tried one, you really should! We all just had fun eating, talking and hanging out....(while getting eaten alive)!

                                               Chase, Karl and Valerie

                                              Jake and a Cane toad.

                                               Meg and Eliza

                                               Apparently Lily was really hungry!

                                              Dan, Corbin, Brent, Chase, Jake and Betsy

                                                Betsy and Katie                                                             Brighton and Jonna

Water Ballet

Katie has a underwater casing for her digital camera, so one day Katie, Karly and I went to Sharks Cove and frolicked in the water! Here's the proof.

                                               Karly and Katie