Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm gonna be honest...

I hate being pregnant! It's no secret. I'm in a bad mood, and I thought maybe venting a little would relieve some tension. We'll see. I'm about a month away from my due date. I'm so uncomfortable already I wanna cry all day. I think mostly it just makes me pissed! I went to the doctor this morning, and there hasn't been any progression...barely any thinning out and no dilating. Also, I'm going to start closing my eyes when I stand on the scale. There's no good in knowing exactly how fat I'm getting and counting all the weight I have to lose. Weight Watchers is gonna get rich off me...even with the three months I get for free after having a baby since I'm a lifetime member (and proud of it!) It's gonna take me longer than that! I'm having complete mixed emotions...I feel so not ready for this baby, and at the same time I want her out. Ugh.(I'm starting to feel a little better...). It feels so far away, and way too soon all at the same time. If I go to the doc in 2 weeks and still nothing is happening, I guess I'm gonna start jumping on trampolines, riding motorcycles, or anything that would get this kid out!!! (I'm hungry now.) Any words of encouragement?

Google yourself

This was on Brittney Dye's Blog. I was bored, and it looked a little amusing! Just use google image and type in your answers and post the first picture that comes up!

First Name:


Middle Name:


Last Name:




Place I'd like to visit someday:

Mediterranean. (Cruise to be exact)

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Currently, Hawaii.

Past Celebrity Crush:

Joey Lawrence. I'll admit it!

College Major:

Hairdresser...Not a college major, but better than! :-)

Place I grew up:

Yorba Linda, CA. and Las Vegas, NV.

First Job:

Information Operator...that's right, 411!

Favorite Dessert:

Molten Chocolate Cake from Chili's

Favorite Food:

French Fries or Spaghetti

Favorite Color:


Somewhere you've gone today:

Went to the Baby Doc!

What's for Dinner:

Buffet (that's what I feel like anyways!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hawaii Belly Pics

While we were in Hawaii, we had a photographer, Mark Lee, take some pictures. I've never had pregnant pics done, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I love the scenery in these...I just miss that place so much sometimes! These are a few he posted on his blog, which if you want to look at some more of his work, you can check it out by going to "sites to see" on the left and clicking on Holladay Photo. I'm still waiting to see the rest of them, which I hope are at a little better of an angle and dont give me so much of a double chin! :-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This is my beautiful, pregnant...(due a month after me)...Sister-in-law Kerry. We did these pregnancy pics last weekend, and I'm sure she's been itching to see 'em. There are a lot of cute ones, but these are my favorite!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miracle in Progress

This entry is dedicated to the lady who runs Miracle In Progress...Which is an ultrasound imaging center. They basically do gender checks and 3D and 4D ultrasound pics for babies in utero! My sister-in-law Katie had one done there a while ago, and they told her (a little too early...12 weeks) that it was a boy, and when she had her 18 week one done by her Obstetrician, they said it was a girl. (It's for sure a girl, by the way). So, she swindled the nice lady into doing a double check, just to make sure! I went along, and when her turn was up, the owner, (I can't remember her name), asked me if I wanted a little peek at little "Twinkle"....for free. Well of course! (Not that she'd do that for everyone, I'm pretty likable...) Her Pricing isn't that bad, and she may just cut you a deal! These are the pics she got of her in 3D. It's amazing to me how much she looks like Lily as an infant!! It's nuts. It makes me even more excited to finally meet her, and it's coming quick! I'm 33 weeks...not too much longer! If you're interested in finding out the sex of your baby before your official ultrasound, or want a 3D and 4D look at that little person beating the crap out of your insides, check this place out!

Miracle In Progress
7501 N. Cimarron Rd. Suite 107
Las Vegas, NV. 89131
(702) 255-4387

Cute little profile!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Waimea Belly

Beached Whale? Nope. Just me! This is my favorite beach in Hawaii! Thanks to Katie, this shot was possible. I couldn't get the camera to focus on my belly that close. :-)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Home Sweet Hawaii

We're back from our wonderful trip! Since leaving Hawaii when we moved back to Vegas, I have frequent withdrawals, and beg Jake to go back to Visit! He usually resists, but since it was my birthday, and I'm also at the last point of being able to fly, due to pregnancy, we decided to go for it. It was just what I needed! I thought I would die leaving Lily behind with my parents for a week, since I cried all the way to the
airport, but once we got to Oahu, I realized it was gonna be nice! It also helped that Lily wanted nothing to do with me, and wouldnt even talk to me on the phone because she was having so much fun with her grandpa and grandma! We stayed at our old house with Katie and Brent in the back house, and they even installed an air conditioner inthe room we were staying in! I haven't had quality naps like that in forever!!! We did all the stuff we loved: Waimea Beach (My favorite), Turtle Bay on Labor Day, Matsumotos Shave Ice, And on my birthday we went into town, (Honolulu/ Waikiki) and ate dinner. It was nice to wear a bikini top and let it "All hang out". It was great, relaxing and I hope we don't wait 2 years to go back again. Next time it'll be with kids....yes, kids! (I can't believe that still). Lily would love it there! Here are some pics from our getaway! Back to reality now. Boo...Hiss!

This little guy plays "Aaron" on Lost! (He's Katie's friend's baby)

I'm scurvey conscience!(It's an orange slice..)

Every guy should paint their girlfriend's nails! Make sure to push back the cuticles first though...

Katie made this tutu for Indie, Meg's new baby!


Best BBQ corn ever!

Really good food!

Me, and Katie's friend Meg, who is also my 2nd cousin and her Mom!

Shopping day!

Chase and Karly


U of H fans

31 weeks compared to 23 weeks...Nice try Kates!