Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Alright, are you an MJ fan? (Michael Jackson, for the lame people). Then listen up! I was downloading some Halloween music for my kids and starting listening to "Thriller". I thought to myself, "its about time I learn the dance! I bet I can find it on Youtube". So I looked it up and found this whole crazy "Thriller" world. Apparently they have an organization that organizes events to set the Guinness Book of world records for the amount of people doing the Thriller dance at the same time! I'm in love, and I'm soooooo doing this! There is a tutorial on Youtube that breaks it down into very easy steps and you can repeat it over and over as many times as you want until you get it. I've spent 2 hours tonight learning it and getting a good workout too! It's not hard, but the repetition makes you sweat. I WILL get it perfect so that on Saturday, October. 24th, 2009 at 5:30pm I can show off my Thriller moves with a bunch of zombies, and you should too! Who is in?? If you're in California, email me so we can go together. They do it all over the world and all over the US, so you can for sure find an event near you. Go to the website to get all the info and then go to this Youtube link and get learning! If you can't make it to an event, then at least get some friends together, learn it and do it at the designated time. You can go to their website and find the right time for your time zone, and you can even sign up to host the event in your area.  Comment if you're in. Let's make Michael proud.



terynmendenhall said...

I'm in! woo hoo!!

karly said...

ya me!! teryn and i will do it in slc

NessaB said...

I'm not a MJ fan, but I think I'm totally going to do this! I'll be in SLC with my sister and I'm totally going to try and convince her to do it with me!

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Of course I love MJ & score I already know that lovely thriller dance!!! Man I wish I were in CA to dance with you but you know I am going to find one near me!! I love you Jamilia cuz you are so cute!! Glad I got to visit with you for a bit at DL. Lily & Vivy and best buds :) Actually one year in dental school I taught the whole relief society & we performed thriller for our halloween talent show. That was crazy fun...maybe I can get Jaren to convert it & post it!